Name Telnet Address:Port Web Interface URL Java Applet URL Remarks Contact
30RC000 ten.retsulcm11|000CR03#ten.retsulcm11|000CR03
30IR000 ten.retsulcm11|000RI03#ten.retsulcm11|000RI03
19DT170-9 ten.retsulcm11|9-071TD91#ten.retsulcm11|9-071TD91
14ZK000 ten.retsulcm11|000KZ41#ten.retsulcm11|000KZ41
161NT000 Connection to be confirmed ten.retsulcm11|000TN161#ten.retsulcm11|000TN161
14AT000 Connection to be confirmed ten.retsulcm11|000TA41#ten.retsulcm11|000TA41
24AT000 ten.ta2ph|110ta42#ten.ta2ph|110ta42
3AT000 rb.moc.idnepeab|oidualc#rb.moc.idnepeab|oidualc

January 27, 2013 Countdown started for new web page

Hello all, Countdown has started for the new web page of cluster project. Soon , we will have a nice and unique web page wit a lot of new features such as, band map, dxpedition and personal log hosting, chat and many much more features.

Please stay tunned…..

January 5, 2013 Important news about 14CRX004

Hello, Today we added 14CRX004 node from CRX cluster network, but this node will forward only Spots from CRX web page NOT from other dx cluster outside of 11mcluster network!!!!! Thanks Bastien for this new node without other dxcluster links……

January 1, 2013 3AT000 added to the cluster

Today we added a new node from 3 division. 3AT000 is now part of the cluster and we want to thank the AT group for their support!!

November 21, 2012 24AT000 added to the cluster

Today we added a new node from 24 division. 24AT000 is now part of the cluster and we want to thank the AT group for their support!!

New software for android devices

There is now an Android app that supports the International 11 meter Cluster. So now you can follow the cluster via your Android phone or tables when you are working mobile.

More information on this application you can find here:

October 6, 2012 NKCCluster app

We want to thanks to Kristijan M0NKC for the big effort developing a new cluster based app for Andorid devices, he modified his program for HAM bands NKCCluster to use CB calsigns and frequencies. Now, we can stay tuned in our bands using this amazing application for our favourites devices, you cand download the app from Play Store searching NKCCluster. Configuration is very easy, in the tab settings look for 11m mode, thick it and fill in your CB callsign and choose your favourite node from Node List.

Enjoy the app, and thanks again to Kristijan!!!! More info on

July 1, 2012 webcluster

Thanks to the help from the owner of the web cluster 29SD102 Pat we are now forwarding spots from to the International 11 meter Cluster. Needless to say that we are extremely happy with Pat's collaboration!

Thanks Pat for your support and confidence in our initiative.

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